Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Led Weaning - the beginnings

In four weeks of "weaning" (in British English this means the introduction of solid foods - NOT the reduction/elimination of breastmilk/formula), Gage has had (roughly in order of appearance on his tray):

- nectarine*
- mango
- yogurt
- papaya
- reduced-sugar rusks (a wheat/cornmeal dry biscuit thing)
- whole wheat toast
- carrot*
- parsnip*
- broccoli*
- avocado
- banana
- apple
- lamb shank*
- oatmeal
- asparagus*
- beets
- stir-fried beef
- noodles
- salmon*
- cheese
- home-made beef meatballs*
- peppers
- zucchini
- chicken breast
- tomato
- sardines
- apricot*
- pear

Some things he definitely didn't like. Yogurt, pear and oatmeal in particular. Some things - the ones with stars - he LOVES. He is for sure a carnivore.

On Sunday we went out for brunch/lunch. I had zucchini fritters with avocado and Chris had a chicken sandwich (made with freshly cooked, still warm chicken.) Gage had slices of avocado from my salad and a chunk of chicken and a slice of tomato from Chris' sandwich. He loved everything. He did ruin a cute pair of baby blue pants though by dropping huge chunks of avocado on them (avocado is a bit slippery and hard for him to handle) - but it was so fun to watch him. He clearly knows he's participating in the family meal.

It's also fun watching how he progresses. He's kind of figured out how to get at stuff that's in his fists... kinda. This morning he had lemon ricotta pancakes (Dad's birthday is a special day). He liked the apricot better though! And then we know he's done because he takes the food in his fist, holds it over the edge of the highchair... and let's it drop. Bye-bye food. I'm finished with you! And then we give him his cup of water, he takes a few sips, then tries to eat the cup, then spills the water, then tries to suck the water off the highchair tray. Haha. We should really get a video of this!

I am just loving baby-led weaning though. No stupid purees! He wouldn't let me spoon-fed him even if I tried. When I do try to put a spoon of something to his mouth, he purses his lips shut. (If I give him the spoon to feed himself, he will get it in his mouth - usually upside down though.) To watch him progress day by day in his ability to pick up food, get it to his mouth, and figure out how to chew and swallow - well it's just so fun! Like watching him try to figure out how to crawl. Except more enjoyable for everyone.

(Do you want to know how I know he is actually swallowing more and more food every day? Well I think you can figure it out.... hehe. But he is! It's so exciting! Who knew that when you became a mom poop became exciting? Go figure.)

On that note - baby led weaning rocks. That's all there is to it!

Friday, July 6, 2012

bam bam!

Gage at six months, two weeks.....

- can sit up completely unsupported
- has two front bottom teeth!
- has the most infectious smile
- laughs all the time
- protests going to sleep with various vocal acoustics (including a fake cough, and some funny consonant noises)
- will only fall asleep while being rocked in a dark room, walking in the ergo, or nursed in our bed
- has very inconveniently stopped falling asleep in the stroller
- will be woken up by ANY sudden noises (darn you, creaky floorboards!)
- loves nectarines and really devours them
- loves roasted carrot and steamed broccoli
- hates yogurt
- cannot pick up peas (stupid pincher grasp who needs you?)
- is supremely frustrated not to be able to pick up said peas (pincher grasp develop already!)
- is SO SO SO close to being able to crawl!
- by so so so close I mean that when put down on all fours he stays like that for a few seconds
- tries to scoot forward on his tummy but ends up scooting himself backwards
- has ended up in some pretty awkward scenarios because of said (in)ability
- like under the crib, under the coffee table (geez who's watching this baby?)
- loves to chew on EVERYTHING
- tries to eat my face
- tries to eat cords (baby proofing anyone?)
- thinks mommy's blackberry is the coolest thing around
- has almost developed a predictable nap schedule (almost, almost)
- loves when mommy blows raspberries on his tummy
- is totally over his old-hat (aka one-month old) trick of blowing raspberries himself (unless he's tired, or frustrated, or both)
- is the cutest baby on planet earth
- has developed a fun habit of banging his toys against the ground, and his fists on the highchair when he's done with food
- is our little Bam Bam now - bam bam! bam bam!
- is showing his mom and dad just how much of a handful he will be in a few months/years time
- is the best, most precious, loveable handful his mom and dad could ever ask for