Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bigger is not better

Bigger is not always better.

No, no, not by a long shot.

Now, those with itty bitty boobies might beg to disagree with me here, but big boobs have big drawbacks. These include but are not at all limited to: backache, posture problems, inability to sleep without some sort of support, inability to run without MASSIVE support, unwelcome staring, ill-fitting clothing and inability to find bras that actually FIT.

Now of all those drawbacks the last two actually have solutions. 1) Find a store that is well stocked with bras in ALL sizes and 2) find a store that tailors clothes specifically for women with large boobs. Say good-bye to Victoria Secret (what do you mean you only carry up to DDs?? BS!) and HELLO to the amazing UK store called Bravissimo! Which not only carries ALL cup sizes (seriously) but also has a relatively cute line of clothing tailored specifically to busty, very busty, and extremely busty women! (Not kidding, there are 3 sizes within each size!) This is just mind-boggling, amazing, wonderful. Why does Victoria Secret have such a stranglehold on the US lingerie market? Why does a country the size of CT and Rhode Island have it's own store specifically for big-breasted women of ALL sizes?

I would love to wax sociological about the various reasons why the UK caters better to women's boobs than the US but all my theories sound rather silly. Just another example of why bigger is not always better!

And it's not just this one store Bravissimo that has amazing selection. Check out this line of all wireless bras. (Wireless? Why would I even think about such an evil term? Well, when breast-feeding, wired bras can clog your ducts, or so they tell me. I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds scary.) This bra company even makes a nursing bra specifically for cup sizes F through (wait for it) L !! Which, given that I'm at a FF right now makes me happy. Yay, I can find bras that fit, at reasonable prices. Phew. I don't ever want to walk into a Victoria's Secret ever again. They don't even make nursing bras anyway. Super mom Heidi Klum should have a word with them about that one.

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  1. Where is this store? I am going there as soon as I get off the plane in London, whenever that day may be.