Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to start packing...

One of the girls in my NCT class (remember we all have due-dates within 15 days of each other, all in December) gave birth on Sunday. Sunday, November 27th - 3 and a half weeks before her due date!! A due date which is only four days before my own!

This slap in the face of reality reminded me that, hm, yes, my hospital bag is still not completely packed. If I went into labor today I would arrive at the hospital with half the allotted crap I wanted to have. Which would probably not have been the end of the world given my tendency to over-pack and all - but I most certainly would be laboring in the clothes I arrived at the hospital in. Which is not cool according to me, because I want to be laboring in clothes I can throw away afterwards if necessary. (Given the amounts of blood involved in delivery I'm banking on the, yes, it will be necessary. And no, hospitals in England don't give you disposable gowns like they do in fancy American hospitals.) I do already have disposable underwear in there. But I wanted some pairs of cheap black panties too, in case the thought of wearing plastic becomes untenable (it already is somewhat so.) I have straws for drinking, but no tennis balls for massage. I have slippers (cheap hotel ones I can throw out) and flip-flops for the shower, but no towel. I could go on and on. Basically I am unprepared. Except for the baby's bag. The baby's bag is completely set to go! Because his was the most fun to pack, obviously. All those cute little onesies and receiving blankets and hats - oh my! Can I un-pack and re-pack for the fifth time just to ooggle again?

My hospital bags 

*UK edition (in the US you wouldn't need clothes to labor in, or maternity pads, or diapers, because you pay your private hospital bill which includes all those freebies!)

Phone and charger
iPad + charger 
camera + charger
power convertor

Maternity notes
Many copies of birth plan
One (or two?) pillow(s) from home with not-so-great pillowcase w/ waterproof cover
Small coin purse for vending machines
Hairbands and headband
Back massager (tennis balls!, rolling pin?)
Chewing gum
Warm, comfortable socks that can be thrown out
Very old nightgown or t-shirt & shorts that can be thrown out
Bikini top for birthing pool
Big water bottle
Juice packs and snacks for hubby
Labor massage oil (rose, lavender)
Lavender essence (to dap on tissue)

Breast pads/ nursing pads
Nursing bras / tanks
Towel and washcloth
Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, face moisturizer)
Flip-flops for shower
Contact lenses and eyedrops
Sleeping mask
Zip-up fleece
Old PJ pants and button up shirt
Maternity pads
Disposable underwear AND cheap cotton underwear that can be thrown away if nec.
Baby book to record baby’s footprint and vital stats
Going home outfit for me

Receiving & swaddling blankets
Cotton wool (aka jumbo sized cotton balls, for cleaning baby's bum)
Going home outfit (a baseball sleeper! so cute, must assert American-ness from day 1)
Baby onesies and sleepers (3 of each)
Scratch mitts
Burp cloths
Snowsuit (one fleece for a warmer winter day, one intense fluffiness for a colder day)
Infant sleeping bag

Wasn't that a fun list?? Now I get to go finish packing... because seriously... in one week EXACTLY I will be full-term. FULL TERM! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? THAT MEANS I COULD GO INTO LABOR ANY DAY! ANY. DAY. Phew. Fun, scary, exciting times. 

I can't wait to meet baby boy.

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